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Did you know that most non native English speakers have difficulty understanding native English speakers? And were you aware of the fact that their understanding of English shoots up when it is spoken by another non native?

I didn’t know this until 2012 when Dutch electronics brand Philips asked me to host a series of videos during IFA in Berlin (the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics). They wanted everyone to understand their message, so they hired me and my little old accent, which means having an accent can actually work to your advantage sometimes! #goodtoknow

Since then I have worked as a host for Philips business videos in Berlin, Hamburg, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Here are some examples of me hosting. All featured videos were produced by The Mute Zone.

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Virtual Reality 2019

IFA 2015: Ambilight

IFA 2015: Gaming

IFA 2015: Interviews